"Don't just invest on the child, also invest in the child. 'Investment on' gives outer prosperity. 'Investment in' ensures inner unfoldment and lasting prosperity. True education is 'investment on' the child complemented with 'investment in' the child."
~ Swami Chinmayananda
"Growing youth determined to reach their goal, sure of their dignity, consistent in their endeavors, proud of their cultural background – can alone bestow upon a growing country the status of a Nation."
~ Swami Chinmayananda
"Bhakti is the attitude of the mind, and jnana is the attitude of the intellect; both flow towards the Lord."
~ Swami Chinmayananda
"Without devotion, knowledge is tasteless. Without knowledge, devotion is mere empty idol worship."
~ Swami Chinmayananda
"Daily prayer and meditation are all wonderful therapeutic agencies in building up peace and happiness within an individual."
~ Swami Chinmayananda
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Balavihar Sunday Classes.

Sunday Classes

Hari Om! You are invited this Sunday 03/17/2024 to Chinmaya mission HARLEYSVILLE for Lalitha Sahasranama chanting and satsang on Bhagavad Geeta Ch 4. Program followed by lunch.